Albian Warp Client Downloads

On this Page you can find Links to all available Albian Warp Client versions.
It is highly recommended to download the latest Albian Warp Client.
If you need an older, or not jet released Client, head over to Github.

Latest Albian Warp Client


Version: v0.2.2

This release makes a minor change to the Python-based CAOS injector to extend the timeout to infinite, in hopes of preventing the desynchronization of the engine and the client (aka the dreaded, 'e' issue). If you have any issues with this release, please report them in [Issues]( To get started with Albian Warp read this [Getting Started Guide](

This Release on Github!


Older Albian Warp Clients

Version Name Link
v0.2.1 v0.2.1
v0.2.0 Version v0.2.0 (Beta)
v0.1.0 Version v0.1.0 (First public Beta)

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